TIIDELab Post Fellowship Monitoring and Evaluation Visits, My Discovery!

It is our culture at TIIDELab to track the progress of our graduates and assist them to thrive in their chosen field. …

TIIDELab Fellowship Cohort 2: We Delivered….

Riding on the successes of the first cohort of TIIDELab Fellowship and the need to improve on our training model, a significant restructuring was done by the leadership of the organization amongst which was the intention to streamline the training focus into two basic…


……Extends Opportunities to Lagos Residents

For about a year now, TIIDELab Initiative has been one of the foremost players in advancing the required skills of Nigerian youth in the software technology space. TIIDELab, an initiative of Techspecialist Consulting Limited…

How to Reduce Data Usage on Windows 10.

Ameen Abdulrazaq | aabdulrazaq@techspecialistlimted.com | July 2020

Countries throughout the world have been on lock-down due to the corona virus outbreak. Millions of people are working from home, students are attending school remotely, and no one’s heading to ballparks or movie theaters.

“Impossible is not a fact, it’s only an opinion” these were the opening words of Mr Salami Kadir, the Founder/CEO of TIIDELab Initiative and Techspecialist Academy Ltd as he constituted the assembly for 28 graduating TIIDELab Fellows.

Mr Salami Kadir — Founder/CEO TIIDELab Initiative Ltd and Techspecialist Academy Ltd

TIIDELab fellowship is an initiative of Techspecialist Academy, poised to build and hone…


Tech Fellowship | Incubation | Entrepreneurship. Empowering the next generation of African leaders and providing solutions to businesses using technology.

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